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Tag / Nature

Blue Lake (In Black & White)

We recently decided that it was finally time again for a hike. So we got the kids in the car, a few friends to join us, and drove up to Blue Lake (close to Cascade, ID). Blue Lake really is a special place. Even though it is still very close to “civilization” you feel like […]

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Spring is coming

Last weekend we had close to 20°C (65°F) and it really felt like spring is finally here. Besides the temperature and the (occasional) sunshine the first flowers are starting to show. Especially snowdrops are now everywhere in our garden.

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Have you ever noticed that falcons look like tiny kings sitting in their tree-thrones? Especially now that it’s cold and they are all “fluffed up” they get a very “royal” look.

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A look down

I recently started a little photography project to capture things from a different angle. What I noticed is that “looking down” lets you see a lot of things you otherwise miss. We are typically busy scanning the area around us to see what’s happening so we don’t look at what is right at our feet.

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All is quiet on new year’s day

I went outside with my camera rather early on new year’s day to enjoy the (freezing) fresh air and the frosty nature. As expected there was hardly anyone out in the cold yet so it was a wonderful moment of “quiet” after a night of fireworks.

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