Every spring for about a week Boise is all about music: this is when the annual Treefort Music Fest takes place. A friend of mine plays the drums in various bands so it was absolutely mandatory for me to catch at least one of them during that time.

The Zack Quintana Trio I got to see absolutely blew my mind! These three musicians sounded nothing but awesome and delivered an incredible show.

Taking pictures during a concert on the other hand was a real challenge for me. I had never done anything like that before and it felt like I was constantly fighting with the low light conditions and the technical limitations of my camera while still trying to capture the moment.

For quite some time I struggled whether I should post any of these pictures as I was not really sure about them. So here we are 4 months later and it seems like I’ve finally gotten over that. 😉

PS: I usually don’t like or do this at all but I had to post some “blurry” pictures as well. They just really fit with the pure energy that came across that night.