End of January a spontaneous trip to Bruneau Dunes State Park led to a very special experience for me and my family. As it was a cloudy and windy winter day nobody besides us had decided to go there (well, why would you). However, when we arrived, there was a big “hole” in the clouds, filled with blue sky and sunshine that lightened up the entire place and made it feel more like spring than winter (for the first time in my life I got to walk around in a t-shirt in January).

The dunes were absolutely fantastic – and would have been in any case – but to be there all by ourselves was incredible. Without anyone distracting us we got to admire the amazing shapes and “sculptures” nature had created and also experience how the wind constantly changed everything (in some areas footprints disappeared within minutes). I tried to capture some of the beauty with my camera while my son enjoyed what is probably Idaho’s biggest sandbox.